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First things first, thank you to all our visitors and all the users who are signing up.   We hope you enjoy the experience.    Also, please excuse the barebones appearance of this blog.   We kind of just created one in a rush and, with so many users coming to our site and so many tasks to take care of, we are not able to put enough time making it look nice.   However, we thought it was important to at least get it started and have this essential medium of communication with our users out there.   So pls. bear with our appearance for now… 

Well, now the juice;  so many developments this week…

First, Matt Marshall, VentureBeat, featured us on Tuesday 7/24/07.    That kind of triggered it all – Thanks Matt, you are the finest journalist in the Valley.   Then, the blogosphere picked up and it hasn’t stopped since then.    One of the cool postings we liked was the one by Philippe Lagane @ AccesoWeb2.0, who wishes that the service was also available in France (Philipe and France, hang in there… we are working hard to get there sooner rather than later).    Then, yesterday, we were featured on Webware/CNET and Lifehacker, among others, and the thing just took off.

We’ve been getting great feedback (Thanks to all the fans!!!) and suggestions (Thanks to all the free advisors!!!).   Among them, I wanted to address the prominent ones:

 – Mozilla users – we are finding that the majority of our site visitors use Mozilla (a whoopping 61% vs. general population stat of 34%).   While for now you have to use the Phone-based recorder, or use IE for the web recorder, we are working on a more universal solution other than ActiveX for the recorder/player (maybe flash?  any suggestions?).

Business/Premium users – got lot of inquiries from people who want to use Phonevite for business purposes.   While we are currently focusing on the consumer market, we are weighing how to offer this service for small businesses and organizations to use.   However, we will always be careful that our service does not get perceived as a telemarketing tool (We don’t like getting calls in the middle of our dinner either).  One of the initial tools we have put in place is an automated Do-Not-Call registry, where anybody can opt-out from receiving any calls from a specific caller ID or from phonevite altogether (we’d rather lose potential users than our reputation).

VoIP Fans – We are unabashedly VoIP based.   While VoIP has been losing a lot of steam and getting a bad rep lately with the stock performance of Vonage and  the flameout of Sunrocket, we are all-in believers of VoIP.    Our origins are in VoIP and we plan to stay in this space for quite a while – we believe that Data and Voice will converge totally one day.   Our company name, Ifonoclast, is a twist of the word Iconoclast, which means somebody who breaks tradition, and we are here to destroy the tradition of the regular phone and the internet, to allow people to call in ways never done before.  Thanks for supporting our cause! (sorry for the initial long rambling, it has been a long week with lots of developments) 

Written by phonevite

July 27, 2007 at 4:56 pm

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  1. so cooooooooooooooool… great service…
    I am really satisfied with this service.


    August 14, 2007 at 11:56 pm

  2. We’ve also featured phonevite at – a digital marketing idea site, targeted at marketing and sales people.

    Our idea is to use this service to make sure customers keep their appointments.


    Tom Klein

    August 16, 2007 at 5:41 pm

  3. Possible update – only have 1 send icon. If the schedule fields are filled out then it will know to send at the desired time. I mistakenly hit the send now instead of the scheduled send, at 6am :-(. Other than that WONDERFUL service. Have sent the website link to many friends. Keep up the great work

    Jay Gorman

    August 17, 2007 at 5:20 pm

  4. We like your phone message service but we would really like to do Text messages also to all of our High School & College leaders at one time. Does your service have the option to send either a voice message and/OR a text message?


    Young Life - Sharon

    August 17, 2007 at 6:00 pm

  5. DS, thanx for the good words.

    Tom, thanks again for the mention on your cool site!

    Jay, sorry about the mishap… similar thing happened to me as we were developing & testing the site LOL… except I called my church youth group students at 2am LOL (they forgave me). we had already brainstormed your suggestion during the development phase (prior to launch), but thought about the cases when people play around with the scheduler (kind of fill it out initially) and then decide they want to send now instead. so just to make it clear, we put the 2 buttons: “Send Now” or “Scheduled Send”. Trust me, like me, you won’t forget anymore :).

    Sharon, (my daughter’s name is Sharon too:)… great that another youth ministry is using our service. Text Messaging & email are coming soon (we are shooting for before year-end).

    – written by John


    August 19, 2007 at 5:51 am

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