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Testimonials from our Users

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It has been a little over a month since our beta launch and we are glad to hear how Phonevite is being used as a great tool for communicating with others.   We have selected a few testimonials from our users (permission granted) that illustrate how Phonevite is being used by everyday people in their everyday lives.

“Just wanted to let you know that I like your service. I am having a baby on Friday and my wife and I will be using your service for notification.”  Lee Moore, Celebration, FL

“This service is excellent.  My mom was injured in a horse riding accident and was in the hospital over 4 hrs away.  Phonevite was instrumental in communicating with our family back in Lufkin.  There was nothing but praise from my family members who received updates via the phonevite service.  Thanks again for providing this service.”  Danny Butler, Lufkin, TX

“Thank you Phonevite!   We can now make sure all our students, parents and staff are informed of school news in a timely manner.   How can you offer this service for free?”  Chiae Byun-Kitayama, Principal, Topeka Drive Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District

“This is amazing! I’m a youth director who is constantly calling to remind students and their parents about activities and trips. This program has made life so much easier.  Instead of taking the time to make 60 different calls, I can now use this program to save me an hour of my time and ensure all my kids are still on track.  Thank you guys for making something so useful.”  Travis Hairston, Trinity Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX

“…Went very well, thanks.   It saved me having to make [many] separate calls, and I’ve already heard back from [several] people, which is great.   Thanks again, and I will definitely pass this on to the schedulers.”   Nick Morgan, Regional Referee Administrator (for a national youth soccer organization), Los Angeles, CA

“Holy crap you guys rock. My boss wanted me to call over 200 established customers to just tell them that a discount on their christmas light installation was ending on the 31st… we were going to have to bring in other people to help, etc… But then I found you guys. It took less than 30 minutes to call everyone! You saved me tens-of-hours-of-work and saved the day.”  Adam Brown, Austin, TX


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August 29, 2007 at 9:28 am

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