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Phonevite Expands its Free Program to Help Organizations with Swine Flu Emergencies

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With the pandemic rise of swine flu, and the worries and panic associated with such outbreaks, it is important that community members stay closely informed of the most recent developments.

Phonevite is temporarily upgrading its free outreach program to allow schools, churches, municipalities and other community organizations of ALL sizes, to broadcast time-critical phone alerts and updates for free* during this time of global crisis.

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Written by johnnahm

May 4, 2009 at 3:00 am

Phonevite Manners – Voice Broadcasting Etiquette

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Here are a few tips to make your Phonevite messages more recipient-friendly:
Tell call recipients who you are and what organization you represent – Many a time, people assume that the recipient will recognize who the caller is, but that is not always the case, so it is good to let them know who’s calling and remove any doubt, just like when one leaves a message in a voice mail system. (e.g. “Hi, this is Pastor David Smith from City International Church”)
Mention that they are hearing a pre-recorded message – Because the quality of the call is so clear, recipients sometimes think that it is someone calling them live and they will try to initiate a conversation. Consequently, they will likely be puzzled when the caller keeps talking (i.e. the message keeps playing as it should)… Because of this potential confusion, it is wise to let them know that the message is a recording and not a live call.
Make your messages short and to the point – Just like when you leave a voicemail, try to not be too repetitive and unnecessarily long-winded. It is a good idea to write out the script and/or the main important points and read them as you record the message.
Send the message via email too – There may be some people that cannot hear the whole message because they are in the middle of a chore when they answer the call. For such cases and for all recipients to be able to review the information in your message, at their convenience, we recommend you send the message via email too. The recipients will receive a link to a unique URL (web page) where they can play the recording like they would a YouTube video.
Make recipients aware of the Opt-out Option – When sending a message to a large group (e.g. whole school, mega-church), it is always nice to let the recipients know that you respect their privacy and that they have an option to opt-out at the end of every call answered by a live person.
Leave a number where they can reach you – Although your verified Caller ID appears on the screen, it is good courtesy to leave a phone number where the recipient of the message can reach you back. You can also use our RSVP and Message-back options to elicit responses from your recipients (e.g. “Please use the RSVP prompt at the end of this call to let me know if you can make it” or “Let me know what you can bring to the pot-luck tomorrow by leaving a response at the end of this call”.

Written by phonevite

February 25, 2009 at 4:10 pm

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